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Chris Stafford

Co Owner of The Asylum and 13th Floor Haunted Houses – Denver CO

Chris Stafford is the Co-Owner of Screamworks Entertainment, LLC producers of The Asylum and 13th Floor Haunted Houses in Denver (

Chris was bit by the haunting bug at a young age, when at 15 a High School friend called and asked, “Hey, do you want to go scare some people tonight? my brother-in-law and sister own a Haunted House!” 

Since that night many years ago, Chris has been involved in the haunt industry on all levels, from actor, to production, to owner.  It was during his time working at his friend’s family haunted house that he met Warren Conard, who would eventually become his business partner.  In 2002, Chris and Warren left the haunted house they had worked with and started their own venture. 

This venture has grown to become the 2 most successful and highly regarded Halloween Haunted House Attractions in Colorado, The Asylum Haunted House ( and the 13th Floor Haunted House (

Chris has become an active participant in the haunted house industry, contributing to publications such as, Tourist Attractions and Parks and Hauntworld Magazine. 

He has also been featured with The Asylum on Travel Channel’s America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions. 

Chris lives in Denver with his wife Carla, and their two children Jackson and Jillian (believe it or not they didn’t intentionally name their kids Jack and Jill).  In his free time Chris enjoys long walks on the beach…yeah right, what Chris really enjoys is hearing people scream as the travel through the haunted houses!

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