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Netherworld: "This top-rated haunted house is not for the weak-kneed or the weak of heart - but isn't that the point?" -Where Atlanta Magazine

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13th Floor in Phoenix

The 13th Floor Phoenix showcases the newest “out of this world” creations from some of the best and most creative minds in the industry. As the next evolution of industry giants Screamworks Entertainment LLC and Harbinger Events Inc. this colossal 60,000 square foot haunted house turns the industry on its head as it showcases the latest and greatest set designs, special effects, and scares in the country.


Cinematic quality engulfs every inch of this production that houses Phoenix’s single larges haunted house ever created. Customers experience a barrage of excitement as they cycle through multiple onslaughts of horror that seem endless through this haunted behemoth. Showcasing the movie studio quality set design and special effects that Harbinger and Screamworks are known for the 13th Floor Phoenix promises all customers, patrons, and enthusiasts the single greatest haunted house experience in the Southwest.

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