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Erebus: "Some of the Hollywood movies filming in the area could probably use a few tips from Erebus." -Andrea Bonaventura - Real Detroit Weekly

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Phobias: House Of Torment!

House of Torment unleashes an undead phobia frenzy!


Kinemortophobia is the immobilizing fear of the undead.


One would have to be out of their mind NOT to fear these brain-craving monstrosities, but for the average person that fear translates into a quick run for their life to stay a few steps ahead of the pack. Yet for the casual kinemortophobiac, the fight could be over before it begins – paralyzed by fear, the chances of escaping even the slowest, lumbering slack-jawed zombie are slim to none…

The zombies at the House of Torment are savage and fierce eternal undead slaves with an unquenchable thirst for blood, flesh, and fear. Terrorizing all who cross their path before relentlessly devouring them, they were the first stage in a series of genetic mutations that turned the world on its head.

House of Torment, regularly recognized by both local and national media outlets as one of the best haunted houses in the country, could freeze a kinemortophobiac dead in their tracks. It has been referred to as “20,000 square feet of terror” by the Wall Street Journal, and prompted MSN to say “for the scariest, baddest, most haunted house in Austin [Texas], try the famed House of Torment”.  Featuring three separate events, it is certain to elicit enough screams to wake the (un)dead!

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