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Phobias: Headless Horseman!

Headless Horseman leaves visitors screaming their heads off in fear!

 While the phobias of many would cause them to lose their head, an irrational fear of decapitation is a phobia CAUSED by losing your head. The prospect of a beheading is probably not so attractive to anybody, one would imagine, but to one suffering from a decapitation phobia the mere thought of such a threat could induce severe psychological trauma. Simple everyday items like a ceiling fan or clothesline (let alone the occasional battleaxe) can reduce this particular phobiac to a state of panic. There’s probably a little bit of Ichabod Crane in each and every one of us – metaphorically speaking – as the thought of losing our head in any given situation could lead to unbearable embarrassment. Yet for some, that fear is all too real as the trauma of living in fear of actual decapitation looms – well – overhead…Learn more at

At New York’s Headless Horseman Hayride and Haunted House, visitors lose their heads on a regular basis as a one mile hayride, a labyrinth style corn maze, and five professionally created haunted houses incorporate forty-five acres of the Historic Haunted Hudson Valley into a frightening experience that The New York Daily News calls “#1 on the planet!”. Featuring over one hundred actors and a staff of effects and makeup professionals, Headless Horseman expands on the already-infamous haunted activity of the Haunted Hudson Valley with a top-notch attraction that has become a Halloween tradition for thousands every season.

Celebrating its 19th year in 2011, Headless Horseman utilizes elaborate sets and original props in order to create a truly unique Halloween festival atmosphere. Naturally landscaped woodlands, surreal ponds, and colonial buildings lend authenticity to the legends of this region of America well-known for supernatural history and sightings. Hailed by American Airlines Magazine as the “#1 Hayride in America”, there is no better haunted attraction at which to lose your head.

Figuratively speaking, of course…



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