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AMERICA HAUNTS Halloween Countdown #5

Explore Halloween’s connection to the Number 13 with AMERICA HAUNTS Halloween Countdown #5!

For many, Halloween is an annual reminder of the many superstitions that trouble us. The very iconography of the holiday touches upon these, with black cats seeming to pop up repeatedly in decoration and theme. While there are a number of prominent superstitions that rattle the nerves, perhaps one of the most common is the fear of the number 13. Long believed to be an unlucky numeral, for some it can practically immobilize, unleashing a tremendous wave of dread. The creative masterminds behind America’s haunted attractions are fully aware of the overwhelming power of this simple digit, and have utilized it to its darkest extent in producing Halloween destinations committed to delivering top-notch scares.

“13th Gate” in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, lives up to its name with thirteen themed areas designed to tap into the nightmares of visitors. From walking across an unstable bridge above countless snakes to navigating your way through dark underground tunnels, 13th Gate taps into the many phobias and fears that unsettle the psyche. Ranked as “One of America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions” by The Travel Channel, and named “America’s Scariest Haunted House!” by MTV, 13th Gate stands as an intense reminder of the menacing power of its titular number.

Denver, Phoenix, and San Antonio’s “13th Floor” attempts to explain the dark superstition behind the fear of a thirteenth story in many buildings. Believed to be bad luck, this particular floor is often omitted from structures in order to not tempt fate. 13th Floor defies this phobia, sending guests headlong into the mysteries accompanying the dread of the thirteenth floor to explore the possibility that this ominous level harbors much more than superstition. Lost and unfortunate souls now call this level home, having stumbled upon the ugly truth behind these secret and often conspiratorial “missing” floors. Be they truly left out, or simply placed elsewhere for sinister reasons, thirteenth floors pose many unanswered questions for the superstitious mind, and 13th Floor attempts to answer them.

Located – appropriately enough – at 300 W 1300 S, Salt Lake City’s “Nightmare on 13th” delves into the nightmares that plague the mortal mind. Be it the impending zombie apocalypse, a twisted carnival funhouse, or demonic beasts bent on devouring humanity, Nightmare on 13th delivers a horrific dose of terror fueled by the unnatural energies that surely permeate any structure built around the number 13. Consistently voted the city’s top haunted attraction, Nightmare on 13th is certain to elicit a bit of superstitious dread from even the most jaded haunt fan.



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