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Netherworld: Named one of the nation’s "Spookiest Haunts"by ABC's Good Morning America

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AMERICA HAUNTS Halloween Countdown #6

Explore Halloweens connection to Nightmares with AMERICA HAUNTS Halloween Countdown #6!

Halloween is steeped in darkness. A time to celebrate the more nocturnal elements of the season, the holiday gives way to the influence of the imagination and its ability to manifest dread in the human mind. These more sinister notions can lead to wicked nightmares, invading the sleeping mind and taking control. Nowhere is the dark energy of these nightmares more prominent than within the eerie chambers of America’s haunted attractions.

“The Darkness Haunted House” is St. Louis’ premier haunt, with three distinct themes to jangle the nerves. Tapping into a variety of phobias, The Darkness brings visitors face to face with deadly reptiles, spiders, man-eating fish, scorpions, gators, and much more. Killer clowns and a maniacal Ice SCREAM Truck driver await you in overwhelming 3D, and the horrifying frightmares of Hollywood are brought to life within the Monster Museum. Sleep with one eye open after you experience what Fangoria Magazine, Hauntworld Magazine, USA Today, and AOL have all named one of the best haunted houses in America.

San Diego’s “Scream Zone” offers three distinct attractions, including a haunted hayride that plunges visitors into the grasp of zombies and other unnatural entities and a spinning tunnel certain to leave you reeling. Inducing nightmares at every turn, Scream Zone is located in one of the most haunted cities in the nation, lending an added aspect of fear to an already terrifying experience. Not for the weak-minded or feint of heart, Scream Zone will have you wary of sleeping, afraid of what lies in wait behind the wall of sleep.

“The Asylum” brings a whole new breed of nightmare to Denver. Infused with the tortured souls of the insane inmates of this forgotten hospital, the haunt pulsates with the energy of those who came and went before. Rats, spiders, and other shadowy creatures inhabit the dark chambers of Gordon Cottingham’s notorious institution, gnawing at the rational mortal mind and leaving visitors shaken to the core. No aspect of the imagination is more vulnerable than that which harbors our fear of losing our sanity, and The Asylum bores into that terror with no mercy. Sweet dreams…

“The House of Torment” is exactly what it states. Celebrating ten years of delivering fear to the masses of Austin, Texas, The House of Torment sends guests to the end of days, as Mayan prophecies bring about the fall of mankind and the diabolical aftermath of the apocalypse. Survival in the face of sinister forces is all but unattainable to mortal men, as you confront all manner of unspeakable horror. From the twisted mind of human suffering to undead creatures from beyond, The House of Torment hammers visitors with a vision of life after civilization that will find you screaming in your sleep.

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