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America Haunts Reveals the Secrets of the Haunted House Group Dynamic!

America Haunts Reveals the Secrets of the Haunted House Group Dynamic!

What Kind of Haunted House Customer are you?

ATLANTA, Oct. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — So, what do Haunted House visitors want? America Haunts knows.

Today, the association of elite haunted houses that delivers entertainment to more than a million thrill-seekers every Halloween season, revealed what customers crave most is an unforgettable experience with friends and family when visiting a haunted attraction.

Group bonding is critical for a memorable event as excitement grows on the car ride to the haunt and finishes on the way home with stories about who got scared and the crazy stuff they just shared. Everyone in the group plays a role, from The Thrill Seeker to The Brave One to The Ringleader; most of the group’s attention is focused on reactions of their group members, rather than the event itself.

“When getting a group together to attend a haunt, people go out of their way to bring an easily scared friend or a haunted house expert to come along, and constantly watch how they react to the event,” says Ben Armstrong of America Haunts.

The more common roles in a group attending a haunted attraction include:

The Offering: Usually terrified, they are pushed in front of the group and offered to the monsters. They sometimes relish the role – screaming and smiling all the while. Sometimes, however, they just want to GET OUT!

The Offerer: They are often more interested in The Offering’s reaction than what is going on around them. Sometimes they are scared and use The Offering as a shield.

The Brave One: The person who marches on bravely to attain higher status from the group or to test their own fears.

The Thrill Seeker: The most delightful type of patron who screams and laughs at all the right times and is a joy for the actors. Like The Offering, the group fixates on this person and is delighted with every scream.

The Detail Seeker: More excited by sets and props, The Detail Seeker loves haunted houses, but is less scared of the actors and studies every detail in the room. They want to know, “How did they do that?”

The Ringleader: The guest responsible for the group going to the haunt. Often, Ringleaders have already attended the attraction. They relish watching their friends experience the horrors and go to great lengths to convince “chickens” to come along for everyone else’s entertainment. Sometimes they handpick The Brave One to see if they get them to crack.

So what are the roles of you and your friends?

With 35 haunted attractions nationwide, America Haunts delivers fear-based entertainment to more than a million people annually. America Haunts has been featured on the Travel Channel and its members repeatedly recognized by Guinness World Records. The organization is committed to providing technical excellence, stunning set design, and Hollywood-quality costumes and actors. For information on hours and ticket prices on these nationwide attractions, visit

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