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America Haunts Exposes List of Historically Haunted Attractions with Paranormal Activity

Halloween attractions built on haunted grounds intensify fears for those who dare

Detroit, Oct. 14, 2016 — Step inside one of the 28 terrifying America Haunts attractions across the country and find stunning set designs featuring the latest technology, Hollywood-quality make-up, costumes and creatures. To increase the terror level, the association’s elite haunted attractions have revealed something about several of its historic attractions: real paranormal activity.

“Our historic haunts have the ability to frighten even the most cynical adults, as some are even verified as truly haunted by paranormal experts,” said Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, of America Haunts, the organization that houses the best Halloween attractions in the country. “Paranormal activity is intriguing to so many, and what better way to experience it than inside a dark historical building with ghostly pasts.”

Whether in a 100 year-old building with trapped souls from a past life or in a location where the tortured lives of many still seek revenge, the following haunts have a history that keep the dead lurking:

The Dent Schoolhouse – Once a school in Cincinnati this haunted attraction is believed to house the souls of dozens of children who went missing, only to be found years later rotting in the school’s basement. It is rumored the janitor killed them all, but he was never found. It is believed he is still lurking the hallways.

Nightmare on the Bayou – Located near Houston’s oldest graveyard, employees and guests alike have reported numerous ghost sightings and frequent paranormal activity. This indoor/outdoor haunt guides you through hell and back with the, not always friendly, spirits following close behind.

Cutting Edge – This haunt resides in an old abandoned meat packing plant in Fort Worth dubbed, “Hell’s Half Acre.” The meat packing equipment is still in use today – as a two-story human processing area. Originally built in 1908, and later abandoned, visitors today continue to report eerie occurrences.

13th Floor San Antonio – Is believed to be haunted by a group of school children killed while riding in a school bus that was hit by an oncoming train near the 13th floor attraction in San Antonio. The haunt takes visitors into a 107-year-old basement to navigate through followed by a haunted graveyard. If thrill-seekers make it that far, ride an elevator up to the 13th floor where there is no telling what kind of horrors await.

The Beast – Located in Kansas City, MO, since its existence there have been dozens of employees that don’t return to work at The Beast due to the ghosts that live within the building. They say it’s a heavy weight on their chest, and becomes at points even too hard to breathe. All employees describe the experiences in the exact same rooms!

13th Gate – Baton Rouge dares those brave enough to go through each of the 13 themed gates of this intricate 40,000 sq. ft. haunt. Once home to a slave brick foundry and later a slaughterhouse this haunt lies within a 150-year-old building where the walls have their secrets.

The Haunted Hotel – This 130-year-old haunted hotel is in San Diego’s Gaslamp District and will take visitors deep inside the maze of hallways, seeping with paranormal activity. Rooms are themed with chainsaw wielding clowns, zombies and ghouls popping out of walls.

“The supernatural presence and urban historical locations adds to the allure of our haunted attractions,” said Arnett-Bequeaith. “We recommend people test their own courage and see for themselves for proof that these attractions are truly haunted.”

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