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Elaborate haunted attractions under Autumn skies have become part of Halloween tradition

Outdoor haunted activities that scare and thrill the entire family are part of the anticipated Halloween tradition that is loved by millions nationwide every October. Halloween, trailing only behind Christmas as the largest grossing holiday, grows bigger each year to meet the cravings of monster-hungry Americans. Outdoor haunted attractions under the October moon are booming in popularity.

“Halloween is so exciting because of high-tech creations and multi-million dollar haunted attractions that are equally terrifying whether they are located indoors or under the dark autumn skies,” said Amber Arnett-Bequeaith of America Haunts, the nation’s most elite haunted attractions association. “Halloween is about the tradition of being with your family and friends and holding on to one another for dear life on scary excursions at haunted farms, hayrides, corn mazes and other haunts all while enjoying fall-themed treats. This is what keeps Halloween such a fun part of our culture.”

From the spirits that lurk inside endless corn mazes to the chainsaw-wielding madmen chasing the weakest victims riding on haunted hayrides, outdoor haunted attractions have evolved into massive entertainment venues with Hollywood style sets and terrifying themes.

America Haunts is the largest group of major haunted attractions in the nation with 28 haunts in 20 different markets featuring entertainment geared for the older audiences as well as the entire family. Although temperatures are mild this year nationwide to appeal to all, Bequeaith said scare seekers will come out during any kinds of stormy weather.

“October and early November are typically not that cold anywhere nationwide and even so, wearing a sweater or light jacket and cuddling up with loved ones on a hayride, while a zombie chases behind is enough warm up anyone’s blood,” she said. “Many events end with bonfires, cider and donuts and are becoming part of the Halloween fabric in America.”

The following outdoor haunted attractions offer family activities including hayrides, corn mazes, farms, fall treats, and more to give visitors an all-encompassing experience of the classic Halloween thrill:

Bates Motel, Glenn Mills, PA – A haunted motel, corn maze and hayride. The Bates Motel brings heightened awareness to visitors as they are surrounded with realistic sets and specialized creepy actors. The 25-minute terrifying Haunted Hayride goes through an insane asylum, past giant life-like monsters and full scale sets including a 200-foot cave where there is no telling what awaits. Try not to get lost in the Haunted Corn Maze where darkness lurks behind every corner.

Headless Horseman, Ulster Park, NY – Located in the Historic Haunted Hudson Valley, visitors can experience the mile-long hayride with monsters jumping out, testing the courage of even the bravest souls. The biggest challenge is surviving the angry headless horseman who roams the large 250-year-old farm and leaves visitors uneasy, yet somehow longing to return despite the fear that is instilled in their hearts forever.

Spookywoods, Archdale, NC – Enjoy the classics in Spookywoods’ Wax Works Museum where Frankenstein and Wolf Man are just a few of the monsters under a gypsy witch’s spell. Then go into the dark woods where witches are being burned at the stake. Visitors might also find themselves outside trapped in a confusing corn maze where a cursed soul stalks for innocent prey. Can you escape the darkness?

Fear Farm, Phoenix – A ten-acre corn maze with five massive haunted houses on 30 sprawling acres outside of the city brings a new level of terror to anyone daring to enter. Enjoy this frightening tradition with the entire family together on the haunted hayride that takes visitors through a deep forest, or try to escape the winding corn maze where all kinds of demented spirits are roaming free and trying to get at the weakest link.

Spookyworld, Litchfield, NH – Feel the perspiration build up! The most intense and realistic fears are toyed with on the mile-long Haunted Hayride at Spookyworld. Find dismembered bodies in an experiment gone wrong and get stuck in a web full of spiders on this journey. Visit the other haunted attractions like Bingham Manor and the Colony in the woods on Merrimack River, but beware, these are not for the faint of heart.

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